Photo credit to Robert Richards
Photo credit to Robert Richards

Co-owner/Head Writer

MMA Matthew, aka Matthew Gaither, began covering MMA in 2012. He quickly became immersed into the local scene and was soon being seen at nearly every show throughout central Florida and even into southern Florida. In 2013, his work was recognized by the Florida MMA Awards and was awarded the Florida MMA Website of the Year award. He has covered over 100 events in the five years since beginning as an MMA journalist. His passion is firmly rooted in covering local MMA, though he sees a great importance in covering all levels of the sport. Matthew credits Corey Hill as a major influence in setting the foundation for his love of MMA. #SupportAllMMA is his driving force.  He would like to mention Troy Ragano at www.nojudgesneeded.com for the continued support. #NoJudgesNeeded

Twitter: @TheMMAMatthew


Sean Walker

Co-owner/Web Editor

Sean Walker has been involved in the Florida MMA scene since 2005. As owner of High Octane Fight Gear he sponsored notable Florida fighters and could be found selling gear at promotions throughout the southeast. He has been covering Florida MMA since 2013 when he began working with Brawl Call Television and Fight Zone TV. Sean began by doing cage side photography and digital media management eventually moving into commentary and on-air personality. He has done commentary for United Fight Alliance, AFCMMA and AFN. He hopes that this new project with Matthew Gaither will help build and strengthen Florida MMA and combat sports. Giving a voice to the fighters, coaches and promoters.

Twitter: @sean_alvis


Staff Writer

Kahri Richardson, aka Miss Kahri, began covering MMA in 2013. She became well known throughout her home state of Indiana for her dedicated coverage of the sport. She’s had the privilege of covering numerous Bellator MMA events, as well as a plethora of many other events. It was a heated, but educational sports debate on Twitter that got her noticed by the MMA outlet she first worked for. It was there that she worked alongside MMA Matthew and a mutual respect was born. She has been both a co-host and regular guest on numerous MMA podcasts. Her continued passion for the sport is what led her to coming on board with Cage Zombies.

Twitter: @MissKahriMMA